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Mens leather backpack – Insights

Posted by on Oct 17, 2019 in Business | Comments Off on Mens leather backpack – Insights

An increasing number of people are carrying around more and more items with them, making the need for a leather backpack more essential than ever before. Leather backpacks also look good, as well as being able to easily hold everything you might need that day, and they are common among professionals and office workers, mens leather backpack as well as students. Most of us use electronics in our daily lives and a black leather backpack is the ideal place to keep these items safe and accessible. If you are looking for a leather backpack purse or backpack, consider the following manufacturers:

A High End Option

If you can afford to pay upwards of $1000, Ghurka and Gucci are both well known names and you can order online and have the items shipped anywhere. In addition to a black leather backpack, Ghurka also manufactures bags in herringbone twill, walnut and chestnut and which provide almost a cubic foot of space.

Gucci backpacks are smaller, although the company offers a greater selection ranging from leather backpacks for women, to the more traditional purse with convenient straps on the back.

Leather Backpacks for Women

Coach and ClaireChase both manufacture backpacks for the ladies. ClaireChase offers a more traditional purse design as well as a variety of leather backpacks in a range of styles and colors. You can also choose from a wide range of styles and colors if you choose a Coach backpack. Expect to pay between about $100 and $700 for a backpack from one of these companies.

Leather Backpacks For Men

Many leather backpacks can be used by men as well as women, although the companies mentioned above also carry a range of designs aimed at men. Many men looking for a leather backpack for men prefer the more masculine look of some of the Ghurka backpacks.

The Saddleback Leather Company and Carhartt both make more rugged looking backpacks which are designed for men, and are functional and practical, as well as designed to last. As the name might suggest, some of the designs produced by Saddleback are reminiscent of the bags carried by cowboys back in the wild west, with dark brown and tan colors predominating. If you need more storage space, Saddleback offers a black leather backpack with a useful large front pocket. Carhartt produces a range of backpacks aimed at specific occupations or hobbies, including fishing, hiking and electrical work.

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